Easy access to the internet is becoming increasingly important, partly because people want to share their pictures and messages quickly via social media. That was a key concern when Diergaarde Blijdorp began thinking about the expansion of its Wi-Fi network in 2013. Because the park covers an area of 28 hectares, the various telecommunication providers are only able to provide weak signals. The zoo’s existing Wi-Fi network was also insufficient because of the large monumental buildings, trees and other obstacles found throughout the park.

More than just Wi-Fi

“Of course, we had several demands and wishes,” says Astrid Kortekaas, Head of Marketing, Communication and Education for Diergaarde Blijdorp. “First of all, our photographer wanted to be able to send large image files via the network from all over the park, so they could be edited in the office and then shown and sold near the exit. We wanted to offer the visitors of our zoo a wireless internet connection, although we wanted to maintain control over this access. TWS’s wireless network solution, combined with InterExperts’ Hotspot Manager, gives us that option. This allows us to maintain control over the connection’s usage, while our visitors can enjoy quick, free Wi-Fi.”

Distance and speed

InterExperts in Rotterdam asked TWS group to think along about the installation of the outdoor Wi-Fi network. Together with Blijdorp and InterExperts, we drew up a plan to provide Wi-Fi coverage in the zoo’s key areas, while taking the park’s large monumental buildings into account. These locations include places where lots of people come together and where they may have to wait a while, e.g. the cash registers, the terraces and the photographer’s location. At the start of the project, we conducted various coverage and capacity measurements to make sure the areas in question received full coverage. The network infrastructure had to be modified to allow the photographer to send large image files quickly and to offer visitors a fast internet connection. In other words, wherever people may want to access the internet, they are guaranteed to have access to sufficient bandwidth. Once everything was mapped out, TWS technologies constructed the Wi-Fi connection, while TWS infra realised the installation of the entire power supply, data cabling and patch cabinets.

Marketing tool

Every year, around 1,500,000 people visit Diergaarde Blijdorp. So far, around 35% of these people make use of the park’s free Wi-Fi service. It is easy to see that all these visitors create a wealth of free publicity for Diergaarde Blijdorp by having their messages and pictures on social media shared, viewed, commented on or liked.

Diergaarde Blijdorp will definitely be using its free Wi-Fi and Hotspot Manager for marketing purposes, Astrid Kortekaas says: “We will soon be bringing our Wi-Fi service to the visitors’ attention even more. We expect to see a significant increase in its use. All in all, the free Wi-Fi connection is an excellent and effective marketing tool for Diergaarde Blijdorp and a wonderful service for our visitors. With it, Diergaarde Blijdorp sets itself apart from many other attractions.”


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