A wireless network, Wireless LAN or Wi-Fi, is subject to many changes. The latest development comes in the form of the external outsourcing of its management. In order to provide optimal support, TWS offers Wireless as a Service. WaaS is a cloud-based solution in which TWS conducts all management and maintenance activities from an external location. This cloud solution, for which the client only needs a few access points at a fixed monthly cost, offers perfect support for developments pertaining to the wireless network.

With this unique concept, it is possible to benefit from the many advantages of having a professional wireless network without any major investments. TWS takes care of everything and the client does not have to worry about the management or maintenance of the wireless network, because that is all handled from an external online location.

The network is centrally managed by TWS. The benefit of this approach is that TWS can monitor the wireless network, carry out updates and resolve problems, all without the involvement of external parties. This means the wireless network is fast, secure and always available. Contrary to local solutions, WaaS does not require costly IT personnel or network administrators with specialist knowledge of Wi-Fi.

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